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Rumba image
Jenkyns, Peter(Descant Recorder / Percussion / Piano Accompaniment / Treble Recorder / Upper Voices)Rumbachoral score
(11 days)£2.25
Christmas Gold - a wicked, medieval king is transformed image
Hinkins, C.(Recorder)Christmas Gold - a wicked, medieval king is transformedlibretto & recorder part
(2 days)£2.99
Divertimento da cameraDivertimento da camera image
Bononcini, G.(Flute)Divertimento da camera
(11 days)£3.50
Promenade (Walking the dog from 'Shall we dance')Promenade (Walking the dog from 'Shall we dance') image
Gershwin, G.(B Flat Clarinet)Promenade (Walking the dog from 'Shall we dance')
In Stock (1)£3.50
Take your partner for ChristmasTake your partner for Christmas image
(Clarinet / Ensemble / Flute)Take your partner for Christmasflute & clarinet
In Stock (1)£3.95
Two's Company for ChristmasTwo's Company for Christmas image
(Clarinet Duet)Two's Company for Christmas
In Stock (1)£3.95
Two's Company for Christmas image
(Flute Duet)Two's Company for Christmas
In Stock (1)£3.95
L'indispensable op.48 image
Gariboldi, G.(Flute)L'indispensable op.48caprice-study
In Stock (1)£4.40
Walking in the air from 'The Snowman' image
Blake, H.(B Flat Clarinet / Tenor Saxophone)Walking in the air from 'The Snowman'Clarinet or Tenor saxophone
(2 days)£4.50
The fog is lifting op.41 image
Nielsen, Carl(Flute)The fog is lifting op.41
(14 days)£4.50
First recorder book of Christmas tunes image
Thompson, Mary(Descant Recorder)First recorder book of Christmas tunes
(2 days)£4.50
Rumba image
Jenkyns, Peter(Descant Recorder / Percussion / Piano Accompaniment / Treble Recorder / Upper Voices)Rumba3-part voices, descant recorders and piano, optional treble recorders and percussion
(2 days)£4.50
Density 21.5 image
Varèse, E.(Flute)Density 21.5unaccompanied
(2 days)£4.90
A pas de loup image
Dubois, P.M.(Alto Saxophone)A pas de loup
(18 days)£4.90
Skyscapes image
Pasfield, William(Flute)Skyscapes
In Stock (1)£4.95
20 Crucial clarinet studies image
Madden, Helen(Clarinet)20 Crucial clarinet studies
In Stock (1)£4.95
Introduction and Hornpipe image
Baines, Francis(Bassoon)Introduction and Hornpipe
In Stock (1)£4.99
Piano trio no.1 in d minor op.49 image
Mendelssohn, F.(Flute / Piano Trio)Piano trio no.1 in d minor op.49Henle urtext - Mendelssohn's own flute part instead of violin
(11 days)£4.99
Sonata no.3 image
Handel, G.F.(Alto Saxophone)Sonata no.3
(1 days)£4.99
Un joueur de flûte berce les ruines image
Poulenc, F.(Flute)Un joueur de flûte berce les ruines
(2 days)£5.50
Rhythm and rag image
Haughton, A.(B Flat Clarinet / Clarinet)Rhythm and rag
(1 days)£5.50
Mendelssohn for clarinet image
(B Flat Clarinet)Mendelssohn for clarinet
(1 days)£5.50
Romance image
Baermann, C.(B Flat Clarinet)Romance
(11 days)£5.50
Three waltzes and a foxtrot op.181Three waltzes and a foxtrot op.181 image
Josephs, W.(Oboe)Three waltzes and a foxtrot op.181unaccompanied
(10 days)£5.75
Recipes image
Bullard, A.(Descant Recorder)Recipes
In Stock (1)£5.95
Clarinet carols for clarinet in the middle range image
(B Flat Clarinet)Clarinet carols for clarinet in the middle rangemelody lines with chord symbols
(10 days)£5.95
Allegretto (1890) image
Taffanel, P.(Flute)Allegretto (1890)
In Stock (2)£5.95
Chalumeau carols image
(Clarinet)Chalumeau carols
(10 days)£5.95
African song image
Ibrahim, Abdullah(Alto Saxophone)African song
In Stock (1)£5.99
Suite image
Steel, C.(Descant Recorder)Suite
(11 days)£5.99
Recorder from the beginning Christmas Songbook image
Holdstock, J. / Pitts, J.(Descant Recorder)Recorder from the beginning Christmas Songbookpupil's book
(2 days)£5.99
Nocturne op.9 no.2 image
Chopin, F.(B Flat Clarinet)Nocturne op.9 no.2
(10 days)£5.99
Suite for Emma image
Dankworth, John(B Flat Clarinet)Suite for Emma
(2 days)£5.99
Theme from 'Ladies in Lavender' image
Hess, N.(B Flat Clarinet)Theme from 'Ladies in Lavender'
(1 days)£5.99
Variations on a Dorian themeVariations on a Dorian theme image
Jacob, G.(Alto Saxophone)Variations on a Dorian theme
In Stock (1)£6.00
Three pieces image
Berkeley, L.(Clarinet)Three piecesunaccompanied
(2 days)£6.50
Danse de la chèvre image
Honegger, A.(Flute)Danse de la chèvre
(2 days)£6.50
11 Studies image
Valk, T v.d.(Treble Recorder)11 Studies
In Stock (1)£6.50
InterludesInterludes image
Jacob, G.(Oboe)Interludes
(10 days)£6.75
Study album image
Allen, C.(Oboe)Study album
In Stock (1)£6.95
The WatermillThe Watermill image
Binge, R.(Oboe)The Watermill
(1 days)£6.95
Sonata in b minorSonata in b minor image
Ranish, John(Flute)Sonata in b minor
In Stock (1)£6.95
Romance op.37Romance op.37 image
Saint-Saëns, C.(Flute)Romance op.37
In Stock (1)£6.99
Wordsworth miniaturesWordsworth miniatures image
Roxburgh, E.(Clarinet)Wordsworth miniaturesunaccompanied
(10 days)£6.99
Sonata in F MajorSonata in F Major image
Finger, G.(Treble Recorder)Sonata in F MajorBärenreiter urtext
(1 days)£7.00
Skilful studies image
Sparke, P.(Bassoon)Skilful studies40 progressive studies
In Stock (1)£7.25
Caprice image
Milhaud, D.(B Flat Clarinet)Caprice
(14 days)£7.30
Arioso image
Taffanel, P. / Tchaikovsky, P.I.(Flute)Ariosofrom 'Eugene Onegin op.24'
(14 days)£7.30
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