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Golliwog's cake-walk from 'Children's corner'Golliwog's cake-walk from 'Children's corner' image
Debussy, C.(Piano)Golliwog's cake-walk from 'Children's corner'
(10 days)£0.00
30cm keyboard design clear ruler image
(Piano)30cm keyboard design clear ruler
In Stock (1)£0.99
Sonatine image
Persichetti, Vincent(Organ)Sonatinepedals alone
In Stock (1)£1.20
Au lac de WallenstadtAu lac de Wallenstadt image
Liszt, F.(Piano)Au lac de Wallenstadt
In Stock (1)£1.50
La CinquantaineLa Cinquantaine image
(Piano)La CinquantaineUnited Music Publishers
In Stock (1)£1.70
Krakov Fantasy image
Paderewski, I(Piano)Krakov FantasyCracovienne Fantastique
In Stock (1)£1.90
Rumba image
Jenkyns, Peter(Descant Recorder / Percussion / Piano Accompaniment / Treble Recorder / Upper Voices)Rumbachoral score
(16 days)£1.99
Pour les funerailles d'un soldat image
Boulanger, Lili(Mixed Voices / Piano)Pour les funerailles d'un soldat
(6 days)£1.99
My beloved spake image
Hadley, P.(Mixed Voices / Piano Accompaniment)My beloved spakenew edition 2011 - with piano
(16 days)£2.25
The heavens are telling from 'The Creation' image
Haydn, F.J.(Mixed Voices / Piano Accompaniment)The heavens are telling from 'The Creation'new edition 2011 - with piano
(6 days)£2.25
Art thou troubled image
Handel, G.F.(Organ)Art thou troubled
(16 days)£2.50
Waltz in b minor Waltz in b minor  image
Harapi, T.(Piano)Waltz in b minor based on an Albanian folk melody
In Stock (1)£2.50
The Big TopThe Big Top image
(Piano)The Big Top
In Stock (1)£2.50
Impromptu Op 142/4Impromptu Op 142/4 image
(Piano)Impromptu Op 142/4
In Stock (2)£2.50
Wherever you are image
Mealor, Paul(Mixed Voices / Piano Accompaniment)Wherever you arewith piano
(6 days)£2.75
Largo image
Handel, G.F.(Organ)Largo
(16 days)£2.75
Trumpet tune (Prelude from 'Te Deum')Trumpet tune (Prelude from 'Te Deum') image
Charpentier, M.A.(Organ)Trumpet tune (Prelude from 'Te Deum')
In Stock (1)£2.95
Trumpet voluntaryTrumpet voluntary image
Clarke, Jeremiah(Organ)Trumpet voluntary
In Stock (1)£2.95
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from 'Solomon'Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from 'Solomon' image
Handel, G.F.(Organ)Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from 'Solomon'
(10 days)£2.95
Hallelujah Chorus from 'Messiah'Hallelujah Chorus from 'Messiah' image
Handel, G.F.(Organ)Hallelujah Chorus from 'Messiah'
(10 days)£2.95
Tuba tuneTuba tune image
Lang, C.S.(Organ)Tuba tune
In Stock (1)£2.95
War march of the priestsWar march of the priests image
Mendelssohn, F.(Organ)War march of the priests
(10 days)£2.95
Canon in DCanon in D image
Pachelbel, J.(Organ)Canon in D
In Stock (1)£2.95
Toccata for the flutesToccata for the flutes image
Stanley, J.(Organ)Toccata for the flutes
(10 days)£2.95
Grand march from 'Aïda'Grand march from 'Aïda' image
Verdi, G.(Organ)Grand march from 'Aïda'
(10 days)£2.95
The Entertainer image
Joplin, S.(Piano)The Entertainer
(6 days)£2.95
Bridal lullaby image
Grainger, P.(Organ)Bridal lullaby
(7 days)£2.95
Seven short improvisations & preludes image
Coates, D.(Organ)Seven short improvisations & preludes
(6 days)£2.95
Souvenir image
Drdla, F.(Organ)Souvenir
(6 days)£2.95
Three pieces based on plainsong themes image
Harker, C.(Organ)Three pieces based on plainsong themes
(6 days)£2.95
Four quiet interludes image
Lloyd Webber, W.(Organ)Four quiet interludes
(6 days)£2.95
Festpraeludium ved århundredskiftet image
Nielsen, Carl(Organ)Festpraeludium ved århundredskiftet
(19 days)£2.95
Little elegy image
Bennett, Richard Rodney(Piano)Little elegy
(16 days)£2.95
Pedlar's PiePedlar's Pie image
Dalmaine, C.C.(Piano)Pedlar's Pie
In Stock (3)£2.95
Dance RhythmsDance Rhythms image
Whitehead, P.(Piano)Dance Rhythms
In Stock (1)£2.95
Prelude in CPrelude in C image
Bairstow, E.(Organ)Prelude in C
(10 days)£2.95
A whole new world from 'Aladdin' image
Menken, A.(Guitar / Piano / Vocal)A whole new world from 'Aladdin'
(6 days)£2.99
There'll always be an England image
Parker, R.(Guitar / Piano / Vocal)There'll always be an England
(6 days)£2.99
It's a small world image
Sherman, R.(Guitar / Piano / Vocal)It's a small world
(6 days)£2.99
Six dance duetsSix dance duets image
Bruce, Campbell(Piano Duet)Six dance duets
(10 days)£3.00
Bridal procession op. 19/2 image
Grieg, E.(Piano)Bridal procession op. 19/2
In Stock (1)£3.00
Sinfonia from 'Cantata no.29, Wir danken dir, Gott'Sinfonia from 'Cantata no.29, Wir danken dir, Gott' image
Bach, J.S.(Organ)Sinfonia from 'Cantata no.29, Wir danken dir, Gott'
(10 days)£3.00
Chorale preludeChorale prelude image
Willan, Healey(Organ)Chorale preludeno.2 'Andernach'
(10 days)£3.00
Ländlerischer Tanz (Ländler-like Dance) image
Beethoven, L. van(Piano)Ländlerischer Tanz (Ländler-like Dance)Wiener urtext - discovered in 2020
In Stock (2)£3.20
Magnificat & Nunc dimittis in DMagnificat & Nunc dimittis in D image
Howells, H.(Men's Voices / Organ Accompaniment)Magnificat & Nunc dimittis in Dunison with organ
(2 days)£3.25
God will give orders/Sweet child image
Quartel, Sarah(Cello / Mixed Voices / Percussion / Piano)God will give orders/Sweet childSATB, cello, djembe and piano
(2 days)£3.25
God will give orders/Sweet child image
Quartel, Sarah(Cello / Percussion / Piano / Upper Voices)God will give orders/Sweet childSSAA, cello, djembe and piano
(2 days)£3.25
Party time! on holidayParty time! on holiday image
Bullard, A.(Piano)Party time! on holiday
In Stock (1)£3.40
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