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Sunrise Mass image
Gjeilo, Ola(Miniatures scores, choral / Mixed Voices)Sunrise Massfull score for string orchestra accompaniment
(4 days)£36.00
Requiem op.48 image
Fauré, G.(Miniatures scores, choral)Requiem op.48Eulenburg
(5 days)£14.99
For the beauty of the earth image
Rutter, John(Miniatures scores, choral)For the beauty of the earthfull score - for SATB version
(4 days)£17.95
Mass in C Major K 317 'Coronation Mass'Mass in C Major K 317 'Coronation Mass' image
Mozart, W.A.(Miniatures scores, choral)Mass in C Major K 317 'Coronation Mass'Bärenreiter urtext
(4 days)£12.00
St Matthew Passion BWV 244 image
Bach, J.S.(Miniatures scores, choral)St Matthew Passion BWV 244Eulenburg
(5 days)£20.50
St John Passion BWV 245 image
Bach, J.S.(Miniatures scores, choral)St John Passion BWV 245Eulenburg
(5 days)£17.99
Christmas Oratorio BWV 248 image
Bach, J.S.(Miniatures scores, choral)Christmas Oratorio BWV 248Eulenburg
(5 days)£17.99
Symphony no.2 in c minor image
Mahler, G.(Miniatures scores, choral)Symphony no.2 in c minorUE - new study score series
(5 days)£36.50
Vespers 1610 image
Monteverdi, C.(Miniatures scores, choral)Vespers 1610
(5 days)£26.99
Stabat Mater image
Pergolesi, G.B.(Miniatures scores, choral)Stabat MaterEulenburg
(5 days)£10.99
Das klagende Lied image
Mahler, G.(Miniatures scores, choral)Das klagende Liedoriginal version in three movements
(5 days)£42.50
Das klagende Lied image
Mahler, G.(Miniatures scores, choral)Das klagende Liedrevised version in two movements
(5 days)£26.50
War Requiem image
Britten, B.(Miniatures scores, choral)War Requiem
(5 days)£36.50
Cantata no.1 op.29Cantata no.1 op.29 image
Webern, A.(Miniatures scores, choral)Cantata no.1 op.29
(5 days)£13.50
Cantata no.2 op.31Cantata no.2 op.31 image
Webern, A.(Miniatures scores, choral)Cantata no.2 op.31
(5 days)£17.50
Sea symphony image
Vaughan Williams, R.(Miniatures scores, choral)Sea symphonySymphony no.1
(10 days)£30.00
Symphony no.1 in E Major op.26 image
Scriabin, A.(Miniatures scores, choral)Symphony no.1 in E Major op.26
(5 days)£15.99
Carmina burana image
Orff, C.(Miniatures scores, choral)Carmina buranaEulenburg
(5 days)£24.50
Messe de minuit H 9 image
Charpentier, M.A.(Miniatures scores, choral)Messe de minuit H 9Eulenburg
(5 days)£24.99
Berliner Messe image
Pärt, Arvo(Miniatures scores, choral)Berliner Messe
(5 days)£36.50
Requiem K 626 image
Mozart, W.A.(Miniatures scores, choral)Requiem K 626Eulenburg
(5 days)£17.99
Messiah image
Handel, G.F.(Miniatures scores, choral)MessiahFull score - OUP edition
(4 days)£51.50
Te Deum in C major image
Britten, B.(Miniatures scores, choral / Mixed Voices)Te Deum in C majorfull orchestral score
(13 days)£19.95
German Requiem op.45 image
Brahms, J.(Miniatures scores, choral)German Requiem op.45Dover miniature score
In Stock (1)£10.99
German Requiem op.45 image
Brahms, J.(Miniatures scores, choral)German Requiem op.45Eulenburg
(5 days)£17.99
Mass in b minor BWV 232 image
Bach, J.S.(Miniatures scores, choral)Mass in b minor BWV 232Eulenburg
(5 days)£17.99
Symphony no.2 op.52 'Hymn of Praise' image
Mendelssohn, F.(Miniatures scores, choral)Symphony no.2 op.52 'Hymn of Praise'Eulenburg
(5 days)£24.99
A child of our time image
Tippett, M.(Miniatures scores, choral)A child of our timeEulenburg
(5 days)£33.99
Beatus vir image
Górecki, H.(Miniatures scores, choral)Beatus vir
(4 days)£13.95
Brother Heinrich's Christmas image
Rutter, J.(Miniatures scores, choral / Mixed Voices)Brother Heinrich's Christmascondensed score
(4 days)£9.25
Cantata Profana image
Bartok, B.(Miniatures scores, choral)Cantata Profana
(5 days)£29.95
Canticum sacrumCanticum sacrum image
Stravinsky, I.(Miniatures scores, choral)Canticum sacrum
(5 days)£11.50
Christmas story SWV 435Christmas story SWV 435 image
Schütz, H.(Miniatures scores, choral)Christmas story SWV 435
In Stock (1)£5.50
Coronation Mass K 317 image
Mozart, W.A.(Miniatures scores, choral)Coronation Mass K 317
In Stock (1)£8.00
cummings ist der dichter image
Boulez, Pierre(Miniatures scores, choral)cummings ist der dichter
(5 days)£49.95
Glagolitic Mass image
Janácek, L.(Miniatures scores, choral)Glagolitic Massoriginal version
(5 days)£39.95
Kullervo and his sister op.7 no.3Kullervo and his sister op.7 no.3 image
Sibelius, J.(Miniatures scores, choral)Kullervo and his sister op.7 no.3
In Stock (1)£11.80
L'enfance du Christ op.25 image
Berlioz, H.(Miniatures scores, choral)L'enfance du Christ op.25Eulenburg
(5 days)£20.99
O sing unto the LordO sing unto the Lord image
Purcell, H.(Miniatures scores, choral)O sing unto the LordEulenburg
(5 days)£7.99
Oedipus Rex image
Stravinsky, I.(Miniatures scores, choral)Oedipus RexMasterworks collection - large-format score
(5 days)£34.99
Psalmus Hungaricus image
Kodaly, Z.(Miniatures scores, choral)Psalmus Hungaricus
(5 days)£27.95
Requiem image
Verdi, G.(Miniatures scores, choral)RequiemEulenburg
(5 days)£27.50
Requiem (Grande messe des morts) op.5 image
Berlioz, H.(Miniatures scores, choral)Requiem (Grande messe des morts) op.5Eulenburg
(5 days)£24.99
Symphony of Psalms image
Stravinsky, I.(Miniatures scores, choral)Symphony of Psalms
(5 days)£34.99
Te Deum image
Bruckner, A.(Miniatures scores, choral)Te DeumEulenburg
(5 days)£11.50
Te Deum and Jubilate in D image
Purcell, H.(Miniatures scores, choral)Te Deum and Jubilate in Dfor St Cecilia's Day 1694
In Stock (1)£3.25
Te Deum H 146 image
Charpentier, M.A.(Miniatures scores, choral)Te Deum H 146Eulenburg
(5 days)£24.99
Vision of St Augustine image
Tippett, M.(Miniatures scores, choral)Vision of St Augustine
(5 days)£24.99
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