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Praise, O praise the risen LordPraise, O praise the risen Lord image
Hoyle, Vernon(Upper Voices / Vocal)Praise, O praise the risen Lord
(10 days)£0.90
How far is it to Bethlehem?How far is it to Bethlehem? image
Manning, Sasha Johnson(Unison Voices)How far is it to Bethlehem?unison with organ/piano
(10 days)£1.05
Myn likingMyn liking image
Terry, R.R.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Myn liking
(10 days)£1.20
Preces and responsesPreces and responses image
Bertalot, J.(Upper Voices A Cappella )Preces and responsestwo-part unaccompanied
(10 days)£1.20
Angel GabrielAngel Gabriel image
Terry, R.R.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Angel Gabriel
(10 days)£1.20
In manus tuasIn manus tuas image
Cann, Matthew(Mixed Voices A Cappella )In manus tuasSATB
(10 days)£1.30
Ave MariaAve Maria image
Dubra, Rihards(Upper Voices)Ave MariaII
(2 days)£1.45
Felix namque esFelix namque es image
Dubra, Rihards(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Felix namque es
(2 days)£1.45
Miserere meiMiserere mei image
Dubra, Rihards(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Miserere mei
(2 days)£1.45
I wonder as I wanderI wonder as I wander image
Carter, Andrew(Mixed Voices A Cappella )I wonder as I wander
(10 days)£1.50
There is no rose image
Joubert, J.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )There is no rose
(3 days)£1.50
JerusalemJerusalem image
Parry, C.H.H.(Mixed Voices)Jerusalem
(10 days)£1.50
Gabriel's messageGabriel's message image
Pettman, E.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Gabriel's message
(10 days)£1.50
The infant KingThe infant King image
Pettman, E.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )The infant King
(10 days)£1.50
Jesus Christ the apple treeJesus Christ the apple tree image
Poston, E.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Jesus Christ the apple tree
(10 days)£1.50
Hear the voice and prayer image
Tallis, T.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Hear the voice and prayer
(12 days)£1.50
Jesus Christ the apple treeJesus Christ the apple tree image
Poston, E.(Upper Voices)Jesus Christ the apple tree
(10 days)£1.50
Matin responsoryMatin responsory image
Palestrina, G.P.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Matin responsory
(10 days)£1.50
Remember, o thou manRemember, o thou man image
Ravenscroft, T.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Remember, o thou man
(10 days)£1.50
If ye love meIf ye love me image
Wilby, P.(Mixed Voices)If ye love mewith organ
(10 days)£1.50
All in the April eveningAll in the April evening image
Roberton, Hugh(Mixed Voices A Cappella )All in the April eveningSATB - unaccompanied
(10 days)£1.50
Hide not thou thy faceHide not thou thy face image
Farrant, R.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Hide not thou thy face
(10 days)£1.60
Agnus DeiAgnus Dei image
Morley, T.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Agnus Dei
(10 days)£1.60
Song of the PassionSong of the Passion image
Oldroyd, G.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Song of the Passion
(10 days)£1.60
Cantate DomineCantate Domine image
Pitoni, G.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Cantate Domine
(10 days)£1.60
Silent night, Holy nightSilent night, Holy night image
Gruber, F.(Upper Voices)Silent night, Holy nighttwo-part + descant
(10 days)£1.60
A Christmas carolA Christmas carol image
Kodály, Z.(Upper Voices A Cappella )A Christmas carolSSA unaccompanied
(10 days)£1.60
A boy was born image
Britten, B.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )A boy was borntheme only - unaccompanied
(3 days)£1.75
Hymn for St Cecilia image
Howells, H.(Mixed Voices)Hymn for St Ceciliawith organ
(3 days)£1.75
O Lord, increase our faith image
Loosemore, H.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )O Lord, increase our faithwith organ
(12 days)£1.75
I waited for the Lord image
Mendelssohn, F.(Mixed Voices)I waited for the Lordwith organ
(3 days)£1.75
Preces and responses image
Nicholas, M.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Preces and responses
(12 days)£1.75
Magnificat & Nunc dimittisMagnificat & Nunc dimittis image
Noble, T.(Mixed Voices)Magnificat & Nunc dimittisin a minor
(10 days)£1.75
Remember not, Lord our offences image
Purcell, H.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Remember not, Lord our offencesPurcell Society Edition
(3 days)£1.75
Hymn to the Trinity (Blessed angel spirits) image
Tchaikovsky, P.I.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Hymn to the Trinity (Blessed angel spirits)
(3 days)£1.75
Adam lay y-bounden image
Walker, R.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Adam lay y-bounden
(3 days)£1.75
Cast me not away image
Wesley, S.S.(Mixed Voices)Cast me not awaywith organ
(12 days)£1.75
Thou wilt keep him image
Wesley, S.S.(Mixed Voices)Thou wilt keep himSATTB with organ
(3 days)£1.75
As I outrode this enderes night image
Hendrie, G.(Upper Voices)As I outrode this enderes nightSS with organ/piano
(12 days)£1.75
All my hope on God is founded image
Howells, H.(Unison Voices / Upper Voices / Vocal)All my hope on God is foundedunison + descant with organ
(12 days)£1.75
Torches image
Joubert, J.(Upper Voices / Vocal)Torchesunison/two-part with organ
(3 days)£1.75
The Lord is my shepherd, Psalm 23, D 706 image
Schubert, F.P.(Upper Voices)The Lord is my shepherd, Psalm 23, D 706SS with piano
(3 days)£1.75
Parley of owls image
Hurd, M.(Mixed Voices)Parley of owls
(12 days)£1.75
This marriage image
Whitacre, Eric(Mixed Voices A Cappella )This marriage
(3 days)£1.75
Miserere mei image
Purcell, H.(Mixed Voices)Miserere meiwith organ
(12 days)£1.75
Rocking image
Tavener, J.(Mixed Voices A Cappella )Rocking
(3 days)£1.75
Sweet was the song image
Berkeley, L.(Mixed Voices)Sweet was the songop.43 no.3
(12 days)£1.75
The RoseThe Rose image
McBroom, A.(Choral / Upper Voices)The RoseSSA - with accompaniment
(2 days)£1.75
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