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Plink, plank, plunk! image
Anderson, L.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Plink, plank, plunk!
(10 days)£32.50
Theme from 'The X Files' image
(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Theme from 'The X Files'ensemble parts grades 2-3, solo part grades 2-3 (flute, piccolo, clarinet, violin or descant recorder)
(10 days)£29.95
Theme from 'Inspector Morse' image
Pheloung, B.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Theme from 'Inspector Morse'ensemble parts grade 2, solo part grade 3 (tenor sax, viola, bassoon, euphonium or cello)
(10 days)£27.95
Mamma mia image
Andersson, B.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Mamma mia
(10 days)£27.95
Theme from 'Live and let die' image
McCartney, P.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Theme from 'Live and let die'
(10 days)£27.95
My way image
Anka, P.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)My way
(10 days)£25.95
Bright Eyes image
Batt, M.(School Ensemble)Bright Eyes
(10 days)£25.95
Congratulations image
Coulter, P.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Congratulations
(10 days)£25.95
You needed me image
Goodrum, R(Ensemble / School Ensemble)You needed me
(10 days)£25.95
Cabaret image
Kander, J.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Cabaret
(10 days)£25.95
Floral Dance image
Moss, K.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Floral Dance
(10 days)£25.95
Three times a lady image
Richie, L.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Three times a lady
(10 days)£25.95
Bridge over troubled water image
Simon, P.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Bridge over troubled water
(10 days)£25.95
Peanut vendor image
Simons, M.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Peanut vendor
(10 days)£25.95
Conquest of ParadiseConquest of Paradise image
Vangelis(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Conquest of Paradise
(10 days)£25.95
Theme from 'The good, the bad & the ugly' image
Morricone, E.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Theme from 'The good, the bad & the ugly'
(10 days)£25.95
Parade of the Tin Soldiers image
Jessel, Leon(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Parade of the Tin Soldiers
(10 days)£25.50
Two Waltzes from 'Die Fledermaus'Two Waltzes from 'Die Fledermaus' image
Strauss, J.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Two Waltzes from 'Die Fledermaus'
(10 days)£25.50
Radetzky March image
Strauss, J.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Radetzky March
(10 days)£25.50
English Folksong Potpourri image
Traditional(Ensemble / School Ensemble)English Folksong Potpourri
(10 days)£25.50
Wales Potpourri image
Traditional(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Wales Potpourri
(10 days)£25.50
Scotland PotpourriScotland Potpourri image
Traditional(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Scotland Potpourri
(10 days)£25.50
American Folksong Potpourri image
(Ensemble / School Ensemble)American Folksong Potpourri
(10 days)£25.50
Ireland Potpourri image
(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Ireland Potpourri
(10 days)£25.50
Sinterklaas Potpourri image
(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Sinterklaas Potpourri
(10 days)£25.50
James Bond theme image
Norman, M.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)James Bond theme
(10 days)£24.95
Theme from 'Goldfinger' image
Barry, J.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Theme from 'Goldfinger'
(10 days)£24.95
Theme from 'Diamonds are forever' image
Barry, J.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Theme from 'Diamonds are forever'
(10 days)£24.95
Winter wonderland image
Bernard, F.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Winter wonderland
(10 days)£24.95
Frosty the snowman image
Nelson, R.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Frosty the snowman
(10 days)£24.95
Finale from Symphony no.45 'The Farewell' image
Haydn, F.J.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Finale from Symphony no.45 'The Farewell'any two of solo flutes, oboes, clarinets or violins - grades 3-4, ensemble parts grades 1-2
(10 days)£23.95
Danse macabre op.40 image
Saint-Saëns, C.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Danse macabre op.40
(10 days)£23.95
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer image
Marks, J.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
(10 days)£21.95
White Christmas image
Berlin, I.(School Ensemble)White Christmas
(10 days)£21.95
Theme from 'The Flintstones' image
Hanna, W.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Theme from 'The Flintstones'
(10 days)£21.95
Carol of the drum image
Traditional(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Carol of the drum
(10 days)£21.50
Trios for two violins and celloTrios for two violins and cello image
(String Trio)Trios for two violins and cello34 pieces - c. grade 3 standard - mostly baroque
(5 days)£20.99
Cantique de Noël image
Adam, A.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Cantique de Noël
(10 days)£20.95
Bist du bei mir image
Bach, J.S.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Bist du bei mir
(10 days)£20.95
Ambrosian Song of Praise image
Gebhardt, (Ensemble / School Ensemble)Ambrosian Song of Praise
(10 days)£20.95
Aria from 'Orfeo ed Euridice' image
Gluck, C.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Aria from 'Orfeo ed Euridice'
(10 days)£20.95
Dancing Horses image
Goot, van der (Ensemble / School Ensemble)Dancing Horses
(10 days)£20.95
Sarabande with variations image
Handel, G.F.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Sarabande with variations
(10 days)£20.95
Water Music image
Handel, G.F.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Water Music
(10 days)£20.95
Every valley from 'Messiah' image
Handel, G.F.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Every valley from 'Messiah'
(10 days)£20.95
The Entertainer image
Joplin, S.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)The Entertainer
(10 days)£20.95
Suite image
Krieger, (Ensemble / School Ensemble)Suite
(10 days)£20.95
Plaisir d'amour image
Martini, J.(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Plaisir d'amour
(10 days)£20.95
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