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Kalinka image
(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Kalinka
(10 days)£20.95
Dry Bones image
Traditional(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Dry Bonessolo clarinet or trumpet - grades 5-6, ensemble parts grades 3-4
(10 days)£23.95
Eastern European Fiddle Tunes image
(Violin)Eastern European Fiddle Tuneswith demo CD
(6 days)£15.99
Eastern European Folk Tunes image
(Accordion)Eastern European Folk Tuneswith demo CD
(6 days)£15.99
Irish folk tunes for cello image
(Cello)Irish folk tunes for cellowith performance CD
(6 days)£15.99
Irish Washerwoman image
Traditional(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Irish Washerwoman
(10 days)£23.95
Mexican folk fiddle tunes image
(Violin)Mexican folk fiddle tunesviolin part with guitar chords - MP3 CD includes playalong
In Stock (1)£19.99
Scottish fiddle tunes image
(Violin)Scottish fiddle tunesviolin part with performance CD
In Stock (1)£15.99
Two Guitars - Russian Gypsy folk song image
Traditional(Ensemble / School Ensemble)Two Guitars - Russian Gypsy folk song
(10 days)£20.95
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