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Important: Please note that we are unable to update the website at the moment. Some prices, therefore, are out-of-date, although this doesn't necessarily mean they have gone up! Also, new stock is not listed, e.g. new Associated Board and Trinity piano pieces, etc. Please either e-mail or phone. Thank you. You can now 'like' us on Facebook. Please go to www.facebook.com/stgeorgesmusicshop and follow us on Twitter @StGsMusic

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A list of our most popular publications. You may select by Category, Composer or by any word in the title or description.
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Can't find what you want with St George's Selection or Accessories – We probably can!
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We can also supply books, reeds, strings, instruments... all those important things the musician needs to make music!
St G Escorial Edition
Music by the inspirational Swiss composer Carl Rütti and others.
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